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Action Clutch Stage 4

Brand: Action Clutch | Category: Clutches

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Product Description

Action Clutch “1MD” stage 4 clutch kits features a single diaphragm heavy duty pressure plate mated to a metallic sprung disc. This clutch kit is engineered for high horsepower vehicles that encounter heavy-duty street use and frequent drag/road/drifting racing. The sprung hub provides moderate dampening, rendering the clutch kit much more streetable than a solid disc design. The clutch features a slight increase in pedal pressure, aggressive engagement, rapid head dissipation, and outstanding hold capacity.

The sprung disc contained in this kit features new technology around the non-exposed encapsulated disc springs versus competitor sprung discs which expose their springs.


Stage 4 single diaphragm metallic sprung system
Single diaphragm heavy duty pressure plate
Metallic sprung disc (with optional choice of 6 puck or 4 puck discs)
25% increase in pedal pressure
170% increase in holding capacity
Kit Includes: pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing, alignment tool, and pilot bearing (when applicable)

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