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Air Lift Air Management - Manual UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
27666 4-Way Manual Control System
Incl 1/4in Air Lines, 4 Gallon Tank & 444 Compressor
34838 Manual Tank Fitting Pack
For 2 1/2 Gallon Aluminum Tank (11958 or 12958)
w/ 1/4in Lines
34839 Manual Tank Fitting Pack
For 4 Gallon, 5 Port Aluminum Tank (11955 or 12955)
w/ 1/4in Lines
34840 Manual Tank Fitting Pack
For 4 Gallon, 7 Port Aluminum Tank (11957 or 12957)
w/ 1/4in Lines
34841 Manual Tank Fitting Pack
For 5 Gallon Aluminum Tank (11956 or 12956)
w/ 1/4in Lines
34842 Manual Tank Fitting Pack
For Steel Pancake Tank (10995)
w/ 1/4in Lines
34843 Manual Tank Fitting Pack
For 5 (10991), 8.5 (10994) or 12 Gallon (10997) Steel Tanks
w/ 1/4in Lines
34844 Manual Tank Fitting Pack
For 2 Gallon Steel Tank (10980)
w/ 1/4in Lines

Product Description

Air Lift Manual Air Management is simple and accurate 4-way air spring control.

Back to the Basics
Sometimes it is just good to get back to the basics, and your air suspension should be no different. The manual air management system from Air Lift Performance allows you to do just that! With this system you no longer need to worry about wiring and mounting electronic valves to your tank, freeing up some usable room in your vehicle.

Paddle Valve Control
Height control is adjusted with the simple push of the 1/4″ paddle valves which can be custom mounted into your dash or mounted to the supplied stainless steel panel. With the actual valve inside of the vehicle, cold weather freeze ups are no longer an issue, so you can roll low with confidence year round.

Any Project
Manual air management is perfect for your old hot rod project or anybody building a car on a budget, you can rest assured you will not find a more complete manual air management system on the market.

Upgrade to Digital
Looking for something more? See our advanced digital air management system: AutoPilot V2.

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