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Alpha Performance Alpha 9 Turbo Kit - Nissan GT-R NISSAN

Brand: Alpha Performance | Category: Turbo Kits

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Click For More Info 2009 - 2016 GT-R ALL V6 3.8 T VR38DETT ALL

Product Description

A Bolt on Upgrade with 9 Second Time Slips
Our latest Alpha 9 Turbo Upgrade provides you lightning quick response with even more neck-snapping torque and horsepower that will transform your already mighty GT-R into a true supercar! Designed as a direct bolt-on for your existing factory turbochargers, you can expect well over 900HP with the proper supporting mods and tuning on pump gas!

Turn Your GT-R Into An Everyday Super Car
The Alpha 9 Turbo Upgrade is the ultimate way to turn your GT-R into an Exotic Car killer that you can enjoy every day. The Alpha 9 turbos were re-designed to make the most useable horsepower from pump gas without sacrificing low end or midrange power which completely transforms your driving experience. When you lean into the throttle, a smooth burst of speed plants you firmly in your seat and pulls strong throughout the entire rev-range. No added turbo lag and no drama, just pure exhilaration unlike anything you have felt before.

Quick Spooling, Yet Produces Massive Power; The Best Of Both Worlds
We newly redesigned these turbos with the latest in Alpha billet wheel technology, setting the bar even higher. Billet compressor wheels are not only lighter, which helps quicken turbo spool time, but they also have superior aerodynamic profiles that compress more air efficiently: less heat = more power. Couple that with large 3” turbo inlets and you’ve got a bolt-on turbo upgrade that rivals even the most expensive turbo kits.

Alpha Series Turbos Power Record Setting GT-R’s
In October of 2010 an Alpha 9 test car ran a blistering 205.3 mph at the Texas Standing Mile event breaking the record for the World’s Fastest GT-R! If that wasn’t enough, we bolted a set of drag radials onto another Alpha 9 test vehicle and blasted off the world’s first 9 second quarter mile run on pump gas with a 9.95 @ 141 mph!

Race-Proven Upgrade With Real-World Results
Our billet turbo upgrade produces over 900HP reliably on 93 octane pump gas at only 23psi! These are the same race-proven turbos found on many 9 second Alpha 9 GT-R’s and the 2011 TSM One Lap of America winning Time Attack car so you can expect the best results.

Exclusive Benefits

  • 900+ HP capable on pump gas
  • 1000+ HP capable on race fuel
  • Direct factory replacement with NO cutting or trimming required
  • Factory like fitment, even incorporates the factory heat shielding
  • Assembled with a true Garrett GT Series ball-bearing center section
  • The latest in billet wheel turbo technology for superior power & efficiency
  • Large 3” ported shroud compressor covers for improved flow and drivability
  • Integrated wastegate upgrade for accurate boost control


  • Garrett GT Ball-Bearing center section with machined OEM housings
  • Alpha integrated wastegate upgrade
  • Comes complete with oil and water lines for easy installation

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