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BLOX Racing Intake and Exhaust Studs UNIVERSAL

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BXFL-00307-9 Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Studs :: M8x1.25x45 :: 9-Piece
BXFL-00308-9 Stainless Steel Intake Manifold Studs :: M8x1.25x55 :: 9-Piece

Product Description

BLOX Racing intake and exhaust studs are CNC-machined from SUS303 stainless steel. Each stud features precision threads and includes a washer and 12-point hex nut.

The stainless steel material provides excellent durability and protection from extreme heat and wear. BLOX Racing stainless steel intake and exhaust manifold studs stop corrosion and rust-out problems, prevent expensive cylinder repair costs caused by broken studs and allow easy removal of intake or exhaust manifolds for gasket replacement or inspection.

BLOX Racing offers common lengths of 45mm and 55mm and extended length of 65mm for serious, custom requirements. Available in single-piece or multiple quantity sets.

Use with BLOX Racing Power Intake Manifolds, Thermal Shield Intake Gaskets; B-series Hi-Flo or Max-Flo headers; B or H-series T304 turbo manifolds.

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