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GFB Wastegate - EX50 UNIVERSAL

Brand: GFB - Go Fast Bits | Category: Wastegates
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
7001 EX50 Wastegate
Color Black
7041 EX50 Weld-on Outlet
7051 EX50 Weld-on Inlet
7107 EX50 Spring
Size 7 PSI (Inner)
7109 EX50 Spring
Size 9 PSI (Middle)
7113 EX50 Spring
Size 13 PSI (Outer)
7151 EX50 V-Band Clamp

Product Description

Designed to cope with the brutal conditions of extreme exhaust temperatures, GFB Wastegates features not only a huge flow capacity, but also a compact size that is unmatched by competitors for a 50mm wastegate.


  • High-flowing yet compact design
  • High-temp stainless steel body, valve and seat ensure long-lasting operation
  • Silicone nomex reinforced diaphragm
  • The head can be oriented in 6 different positions to help installation in tight engine bays
  • V-band connection for ease of installation

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