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INNO64 1/64 Models UNIVERSAL

Brand: INNO64 Models | Category: Model Cars


IN64-EG9-WHI INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EG9 White w/Decal Set
IN64-EG9-YLTS INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EG9 Yellow w/Decal Set
IN64-EF-MOT88 INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EF Motul
IN64-EF3-13CBM INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EF Cabin
IN64-EG9-AD95 INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EG9 Advan
IN64-EG9-JAC94 INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EG9 Jaccs
IN64-EG9-TC95 INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EG9 Ferio Test Car
IN64-EG9-SP95 INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EG9 Spoon Sports
IN64-EG9-SS INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda EK9 Spoon Sports
IN64-FD2-SS INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda FD2 Spoon Sports
IN64-FD2-TR INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda FD2 TypeR
IN64-DC5R INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda DC5R
IN64-SS-HD INNO64 1/64 Model - HONDA CIVIC Si E-AT Gr.A Tuned by SPOON SPORTS At Honda Day New Jersey 2013
IN64-SEN INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda Civic EF9 Gr. N #1 Suzuka Circuit Test Car 1990 AYRTON SENNA
IN64-DC2-SS INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda Dc2 Spoon Sports
IN64-DC2-BU INNO64 1/64 Model - Honda Dc2 TypeR

Product Description

INNO Models is a new brand in the market, producing scale model replicas for collectors with a very strong balance between price and quality.

The brand was founded by a small group of friends who share passion for cars and motorsport. Also, they are model car freaks who collect models for more than two decades.

Sharing the same passion for car modelling and maximizing their strengths and entrepreneurship, they established INNO Models in 2016 with a mission to craft faithfully and exquisite replicas of the original-based cars to the satisfaction of automobile hobbyists and collectors of all ages.

INNO Models is committed to using the accurate materials of the finest quality to reproduce each miniature with authentic likeness.

We have our own design team and engineers to conduct exhaustive research on each car model, ensuring the accurate rendition of each and to capture the essence of the original models into perfect finishes from interior to the exterior.

Some of the parts are made of steel and quality copper, while the body is coated with finest paints. Every scales of miniature car are assembled from more than hundred parts with meticulous attention to every detail, from precision in manufacturing into an elegant finish.

It is the belief that “MODEL-CAR MAKING IS AN ART ITSELF” – so every single replica is an absolute masterpiece with enduring value for model-car collectors.

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