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K-Tuned Shift Knob - Lagrima UNIVERSAL

Brand: K-Tuned | Category: Shift Knobs / Hand Brakes
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KTD-LGM-BLK Lagrima Shift Knob
Color Black
KTD-LGM-RED Lagrima Shift Knob
Color Red
KTD-LGM-SIL Lagrima Shift Knob
Color Silver
KTD-LGM-SSW Lagrima Shift Knob
Color Weighted Stainless Steel
KTD-LGM-BLU Lagrima Shift Knob
Color Blue
KTD-LGM-GLD Lagrima Shift Knob
Color Gold
KTD-LGM-PRP Lagrima Shift Knob
Color Purple

Product Description

The K-Tuned Lagrima Shift Knob merges the teardrop shape from our Delrin Knob with the signature grid pattern from the Function Form design. The result is a knob that is very comfortable to hold with outstanding grip. It was designed specifically for drivers that like to hold the shifter in a pistol grip position. All K-Tuned Shift Knobs are made on a precision CNC lathe with very tight tolerances to ensure a very high quality finished product. For cable shifted transmissions (K Series) choose our lighter weight 6061 aluminum knob, finished in either black or silver. For linkage or rod shifted transmissions (B/D Series) try our 100% stainless steel weighted knob. Our signature “K” logo is engraved in the very top right where it belongs and a custom made jam nut is included to keep the knob locked in place.

Aluminum Shift Knob Weight – 200 grams / 7 oz
Weighted Stainless Steel Knob Weight – 574 grams / 14.2 oz

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