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Moroso Cooling System Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Radiator Caps


63307 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 6-8 lbs
63309 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 8-10 lbs
63313 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 12-16 lbs
63316 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 14-18 lbs
63320 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 19-21 lbs
63324 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 23-25 lbs
63328 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 27-29 lbs
63332 Racing Radiator Cap
Pressure 31-33 lbs
63401 Universal Tank Mounting Bracket
Diameter 3.00" - 3.25"
63402 Universal Tank Mounting Bracket
Diameter 2.44" - 2.69"
63425 Remote Thermostat Housing
Inlet Ports on Bottom
63426 Remote Thermostat Housing
Inlet Ports on Each Side
63440 Water Outlet Restrictor Kit
For GM V8, GM V6, Ford 260-302
Pack of 3
63657 Radiator Overflow Tank
63700 Radiator Hose Drain
63730 Radiator Hose Filler
Size 1.50" - 1.50" hose
63740 Radiator Hose Filler
Size 1.50" - 1.25" hose
63745 Radiator Hose Filler
Size 1.25" - 1.25" hose
63760 Thermostatic Switch
For Electric Water Pump
63765 Air Bleed Valve
64000 Stainless Steel Flex Fan
63800 Radiator & Intercooler Cap Cover
Fits Ford Radiator and Intercooler Cap #s 1W138101AA, F6DZ8100A, RS103, RS527, XL3V8101AA, XL3Z8100AA
63801 Radiator Cap Cover
Fits Chevrolet Radiator Cap #s 103005080, 20838623, 25713160, RC87, RC107
63802 Radiator & Intercooler Cap Cover
Knurled Grip
Fits Ford Radiator and Intercooler Cap #s 1W138101AA, F6DZ8100A, RS103, RS527, XL3V8101AA, XL3Z8100AA
63803 Radiator Cap Cover
Knurled Grip
Fits Chevrolet Radiator Cap #s 103005080, 20838623, 25713160, RC87, RC107
63422 Filler Neck Manifold Housing
-16AN Female Port To Be Used w/ # 22622, 63521, 63522, 63523, 63525
Use Moroso Bolt-On Filler Necks # 63460, 63461, 63465, 63466 or Block-Off Plate # 63471
Color Black
Material Billet Aluminum
63741 Radiator Hose Drain
Size 3/8in Petcock 1-1/2in To 1-1/4in
63746 Radiator Hose Drain
Size 3/8in Petcock 1-1/4in To 1-1/4in

Product Description


  • Bleeds air from any cooling system
  • Resistant to fuels, oil and anti-freeze
  • Brass construction with push button to release pressure
  • Fits 1/8” NPT thread


  • Provides automatic control of ElectricWater Pumps Nos. 63539, 63546, 63547, 63555, 63557, 63565, 63570, 63575, 63585 & 63595 and ElectricWater Pump Drive Kit No. 63750
  • Eliminates unnecessary battery drain by turning on the electric pump motor when coolant temperature exceeds 160° F (±5°) and turning it off when coolant temperature reaches 140° F (±5°)
  • Toggle Switch has three settings: Automatic,Manual and Off. In the “Manual” position, the motor is constantly on.
  • Contact rating of switch is 15 amps at 32 volts; use with 10 amp fuse (not included


  • Fits: Standard-size radiator filler necks, including Moroso Nos. 63420, 63465, 63466, 63467, 63485, 63486, 63650, 63651, 63655, 63656, 63730, 63740 and 63745.
  • Available with low and high pressure ratings to accommodate the needs of all cooling systems
  • Stainless steel spring maintains accurate pressure setting over time and will not rust
  • Includes solid brass spring retainer


  • Cast aluminum drain adapts the 1-1/4” outlet from the popular VW Scirocco radiator to the 1-9/16” inside diameter of the standard lower radiator hose found in most Chevys
  • Includes petcock for draining engine coolant
  • 100% leak tested


  • 356-T6 cast aluminum Radiator Hose Fillers are spliced into the upper radiator hose to provide more complete cooling system filling
  • Standard size radiator cap receptacle is welded to the cast flange (radiator cap not included)
  • 100% leak tested


  • 17” diameter, high strength stainless steel
  • Fan blades flatten as engine RPM increases to reduce parasitic drag and increase horsepower
  • Stainless Steel blades “spring” back to original shape at lower RPM; after repeated cycles, inferior aluminum fans do not
  • Uses standard fan spacers and fits most applications
  • Not recommended for air conditioned cars


  • Corrosion resistant brass; fits standard 1/2” NPT tapped holes in cylinder heads and manifolds
  • 5/8” -18 threaded hole in fitting accepts popular sending units


  • Restricting coolant flow leaving the engine lets you control the amount of heat absorbed by the coolant
  • Red, gold and blue anodized aluminum restrictor plates are mounted under the water outlet on the intake manifold
  • Kit consists of three restrictor plates with 5/8”, 3/4” and 1” I.D. holes for optimum coolant flow, 2-1/8” O.D.


  • Lightweight Plastic design holds full quart capacity
  • Can be used in many forms of competition, NHRA & IHRA accepted
  • Vented tank includes hose fitting and drain cock
  • Dimensions: 10-1/2” high (overall), 3” tank diameter


  • No. 63401 fits all 3” to 3.25” diameter tanks (including Moroso Overflow Tank No. 63657
  • No. 63402 fits all tanks with a 2.44” to 2.69” diameter
  • Manufactured from a one-piece zinc plated steel bracket with 11/32” mounting holes with a sliding, stainless steel T-Bolt clamp
  • Locking nut to prevent loosening
  • Quick disconnect strap
  • Meets the requirements of all sanctioning bodies

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